How to make the most of a safari adventure

safari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africa
safari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africa


How to make the most of a safari adventure

As South Africans, we are spoiled with so many places to go and amazing things to see. Travelling broadens your mind and shows you things you wouldn’t normally see on a daily basis. And a safari is also a perfect escape. We spend so much time in the hustle and bustle of a city and then go home to endless hours of TV But a safari has all the drama, suspense and action to keep you glued for a couple of hours. Between the jaw-dropping views and variety of animal activity, you will be entertained.

There is nothing more spectacular than watching animals roaming around in their natural habitat. And you’ll do a lot of oohing and aahing as you see all the awe-inspiring views.

Yes, you may have seen plenty of National Geographic episodes. But nothing takes the place of watching a cheetah in action and seeing how it sneakily crawls and stalks a zebra and then, with just a flash, it pounces on it.



What could be more beautiful than watching the sun rise on vast land that is strewn with beautiful creatures? Where else can you see an elephant minding its own business, eating branches from a thorn tree, or zebras painting the land with their black and white fur? A safari is a place where you can zone out and enjoy the scenery. You can take endless selfies, with the animals in the background making a perfect backdrop. But you need to make sure you’re safe in your car of course. It’s a wonderful time to have with family and friends.


Out of your zone

It’s a unique experience and, even if you never go again, the memories will stick. You’ll have photos to show to your grandchildren and endless stories to share. You can tell them how you witnessed a cheetah take down a lion right in front of your eyes. Those stories will be enough to entertain anyone. Going on a safari is different from everyday life and draws out the adventurer in you. The memories you’ll leave with will last for years to come. It’s something out of our norm and if you haven’t tried a safari, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Going on a safari is one of those things that’ll add to your life and leave you more experienced because you’re trying something new and are branching out of your comfort zone.


Safari guide

The safari rangers have been thoroughly trained and know all the dangers that could occur. It’s important when you’re on a safari to listen to what they have to say. After all, they spend hours with the animals. These creatures may look friendly, but they’re not to be messed with when they feel threatened. You’re invading their sanctuary, after all.

A guide also knows where particular animals roam at certain times. Without a guide leading you, you might spend the entire day out in the wild and not get a peek of some animals. Which will damper your wildlife experience.


Things not to do on a safari

With animations like the Lion King and The Jungle Book, you might think the animal kingdom is a friendly place. But you aren’t in your own territory, it’s the elephant and lion’s habitat. And you need to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Here are a few ways you can stay safe on safari.

Give the animals their space

That majestic elephant may be standing calmly, looking vulnerable and friendly, and you might want to take a quick selfie with the animal to get everyone on Instagram talking. The elephant may feel threatened and come charging at you. And speaking of taking selfies, if your phone or camera has a flash, don’t use it around the animals. The flash may startle them and cause them to react dangerously. Don’t try to pet the animals or give them food. Respect nature and the animals roaming around.

Don’t run

Whatever you do, don’t run in the wild. The animals might mistake you for prey and chase after you.


Things you will need while travelling

You need to protect your safety first. You need to ensure that you are covered by a medical insurance plan. There are medical insurance plans for individuals that require you to let them know in advance before you travel so they can fully cover you if something happens.

Make sure that you keep all important documents safely secure.

You’ll also need to protect your skin from that hot African sun, so bring sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. And remember to bring lots of water for when you get dehydrated.

What could compare to watching the sun go down on African plains with the tranquil sound of nature surrounding you? And nothing beats hearing the loud, powerful roar of a lion. That’s enough to stop anyone in their tracks. A safari is a once in lifetime experience that should be enjoyed by everyone.

safari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africasafari adventure - South Africa