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General Information

Mpumalanga, meaning "land of the rising sun”, in the local SiSwati language, is South Africa's top tourist destination. Situated on the North East border of South Africa bounded by Swaziland and Mozambique, the Province is made up of two distinctly contrasting types of scenery which are: the dramatic topography of escarpment and the bush of the lowveld.

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Activities in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga is considered to be one of the most geographically diverse and unbelievably beautiful places in South Africa. Mpumalanga offers tourists a variety of activities to suit all tastes and pockets.  Visitors to this area will experience the world’s most famous game reserve, climb the world’s third-highest canyon, explore the world’s oldest cave and spend the night in some of the world’s best private game lodges.

Mpumalanga is well known for it's wildlife parks. In particular, the world renowned Kruger National Park, with several luxurious private nature reserves on it's western boundary, which are literally teeming with wildlife. This is big game country where visitors can see the 'Big Five', namely the Elephant, Black Rhino, Leopard, Lion and Buffalo. The title, 'Big Five' originated from trophy hunters who termed them as being the most dangerous to hunt.

This Province is not only about the wonderful landscapes and wildlife - it is about the people that witnessed and shaped the development of this great land. The legends of King Solomon's Mines and Queen Sheba, supported by temples and astronomical observatories on mountain tops;  the ancient communities that lived on floating villages in what is known today as Chrissiesmeer, South Africa's Lake District;  the pioneering gold diggers and waggon train drivers forging their way to Delagoa Bay - all helped define this pioneering spirit that makes Mpumalanga unique.

The legacy of Mpumalanga is in rock artwork, cultural villages, churches and gold mines. These can all be seen by today’s visitors to Mpumalanga, and will in so doing, have a fascinating insight into an African mélange of culture and history. Some of the major towns in Mpumalanga are, Nelspruit, Dullstroom and the world famous Pilgrims Rest.

Mpumalanga is also known for its Adventure Tourism which includes hiking, mountain biking and white water rafting, amongst plenty of other activities available in this area.

Accommodation in Mpumalanga

A range of accommodation facilities are available in each town of this breathtaking Province; including bed and breakfasts (B&B), self catering units, lodges, game lodges, hotels etc. Please view our accommodation section for a list of options.

Businesses in Mpumalanga

This region also offers a range of business opportunities and please feel free to view our business directory of Mpumalanga for more information.