The ultimate South African bucket list

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bucket list -South Africabucket list -South Africabucket list -South Africabucket list -South Africabucket list -South Africabucket list -South Africa


The ultimate South African bucket list

Most people have a bucket list and there are different items which they hope to tick off one day. They may want to bungee jump or travel the world. They’ve envisioned themselves doing these things: maybe to conquer a fear or just for sheer enjoyment. It’s important to have a bucket list because it keeps you motivated and gives you something to look forward too. Whether it's learning to ride a motorcycle or catching the last minute flight to a random destination, there are no boundaries.

South Africa is a country steeped in rich culture that attracts many visitors. Here are a few things to in this country that simply must be on your bucket list.


God's window

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder but God’s Window is truly breathtaking for everyone who sees it. Found in a little town called Graskop in the eastern part of Mpumalanga. Its spectacular views cause you to take a moment's pause and enjoy a picturesque view. It’s a photographers paradise and something everyone should visit once in their lifetime. Get ready to take selfies with the mountain ranges.

If you’re feeling daring you can jump onto the big swing and experience the place on a different level. This gorge swing is the highest in the world with a 68-metre free fall. This experience will give you plenty to talk about in dinner parties.



Your knees may shake and your palms may sweat but the exhilaration felt after bungee jumping from one of the world's highest bridges is like no other. If you’re an adrenaline junkie and are looking for something to push your mental limits and get your blood pumping then you can bungee jump in Bloukrans. It’s the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. When you bungee jump it’ll be a smooth and comfortable transition because it uses pendulum bungee technology.

On average for every 10 people that go up, two don’t jump. But if your nerves get the best of you they’ll give you your money back. If you’re brave enough to go through with the jump, it’ll be a challenge you won’t forget anytime soon. And you’ll have many ogling at you Instagram photos.


Isimangaliso West

If you want to enjoy a tranquil day surrounded by nature then why don’t you spend the day at Isimangaliso Horse safari. You’ll be given the opportunity to ride on a horse while having wildebeest and giraffes walk beside you. This is a perfect serene way to spend your day.


Table Mountain

Table Mountain is in a league of its own, it stands tall and majestic and provides the perfect backdrop for Cape Town. You could add hiking Table Mountain as an item on your bucket list. You will be able to explore the wildlife and plantation on the mountain. You’ll get a good workout session and you’ll get exposed to South Africa’s most prized possession. Thousands of tourists flock each year to get a glimpse of the iconic mountain and there’s no reason why climbing it shouldn’t be on your bucket list. If you don’t feel like climbing up the mountain you can take the cable car up the mountain and get a special view.


Cape Town Cycle Tour

If you're fit and healthy and up for a good workout then Cape Town Cycle Tour might be for you. Every year people travel all over the world to participate in the tour. If you’re up for the challenge you’ll be exposed to beautiful scenery. It’s starts in the city centre, passes through Muizenberg and then Chapman's Peak until it finally reaches Green Point.

This is a fun, challenging way to explore the city and conquer what others dream of. Make sure you have comfortable cycling gear because it’s a long race. And have a quality bicycle frame to keep you supported and sturdy on the road..


We all have a bucket list and unfortunately most us don’t follow through on our list. You only live life once and you should ensure you make the most of it.


bucket list -South Africabucket list -South Africabucket list -South Africabucket list -South Africabucket list -South Africa