Best Trails for South Africa Cycling

Best Trails for South Africa Cycling, beautiful sights,  extensive coastline , breath-taking views
Best Trails for South Africa Cycling, beautiful sights,  extensive coastline , breath-taking views

South Africa is officially called the Republic of South Africa and it is located on the southern most tip of the continent, having vast territories and an extensive coastline which measures as much as 1,739 miles or 2,798 kilometers. Inland you find both plains and majestic mountains. Amid all of this land and richness, there are some of the best biking trails that you can ever find, this being one of the main reasons that has made South Africa cycling so popular in the last couple of years. So many beautiful sights and breath-taking views could not remain un-ridden and cycling enthusiasts have opened up a great number of trails around the country for everyone to enjoy. Add to this a large number of natural trails created over centuries by man and beast, and you have a biking paradise. As you can imagine, the best trails in the country are also the ones that are discussed the most and debates on which fact is true and which isn't can go on forever if it weren't for the reliable and specialized websites that provide accurate, first hand reviews and additional tips. These websites are also helpful if you are in need of bike finance to help one purchase their dream bike, or get into this increasingly expensive sport. Without further ado, here are some options you can try if you want to get a feel of the cycling routes in SA.

One of the most important aspects about South African trails is the fact that they provide stunning scenery and amazing views, often in difficult to reach locations where it not for the bicycle. It is hard to name one trail as the best one in the country because tastes are subjective, but here are the top choices of expert and beginner riders alike. The Braamfontein Spruit trail is extremely well known mainly due to the fact that it runs through the heart of Johannesbur, making it very accessible to a large population of mountain bikers. Northern Farms is another trail in Gauteng that arguably has the most traffic in the country, boasting easy trails yet with an out of town feel where you feel like you are in the countryside. Do not miss out on the opportunity to ride in Tokai forest if you are in Cape Town, as this is definitely one of the most popular on the peninsula, with awesome pine tree lined single track and enough climbing to keep you fit. Other important routes for riding enthusiasts include Giba Gorge, probably the most well developed mountain bike park in South Africa, with lots for both riders and non riders alike. Mankele in Mpumalanga will also leave your pulse racing with their rocky terrain and famous bush tunnels, making it feel like you are on a non stop roller coaster. For many though, Jonkershoek outside Stellenbosch is one of the best venues in South Africa, with great trails, amazing scenery and the chance to test some of the country's best wine post-ride.
If you are making a long weekend of it, then you have to go to ride in the KZN Midlands, with Karkloof, Hilton, Howick, Cedara and the world cup venue of Cascades all within a 40 km radius.

In order to draw a conclusion, we all know that the most famous sports in the Republic of South Africa are rugby, soccer and cricket, but few realize how popular and in high demand off road cycling has become nowadays. With more and more clubs or dedicated communities forming online and even websites appearing with offers of financing and bicycle rentals, there is no doubt that the above mentioned South African trails will be seeing and increasingly larger number of visitors in the years to come.

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